Fasciculi Archaeologiae Historicae 33/2020

Redaktor: Piotr Strzyż
FAH 33_2020
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Informacje bibliograficzne

Czasopismo: Fasciculi Archaeologiae Historicae XXXIII
Redaktor: Piotr Strzyż
Wydawca: Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences
Miejsce:  Łódź
Rok wydania: 2020
Język: angielski
Liczba stron: 230
Format: A4
Okładka:  miękka
ISSN: 0860-0007


Tom 33 zawiera w większości artykuły z dziedziny bronioznawstwa (materiały z kolokwium bronioznawczego w Sanoku w 2019 r.), a ponadto teksty dotyczące tekstyliów, szkła oraz śmierci nieczystej w średniowieczu i nowożytności.


Spis treści


Grzegorz Żabiński

A Weapon from the Turn of the Epochs – A Unique Spatha from Lake Nidajno in Prussia

Tomasz Kurasiński

On the Way to the Afterlife. Some Observations on the Presence of Weaponry in Early Medieval Cemeteries in the Context of Their Social and Cultural Circulation

Lech Marek

Sword Pommels of Transitional Types from the Time of Social Transformation in 12th-Century Wrocław, Poland

Piotr N. Kotowicz, Paweł Skowroński

New Rulers, New Rules? Changes in Military Equipment during the 13th and 14th Centuries in the Area of the Sanok Land

Arkadiusz Michalak

Between the Age of Heroes and the Period of Professional Troops. Evidence from the Borderland of Silesia, Brandenburg, Lusatia and Poland

Christof Krauskopf, Peter Purton

From Tower to the Bastion. Changes in Fortress Design to Accommodate Gunpowder Artillery (14th to 16th Centuries)

Piotr Strzyż

Throwing Engines versus Gunpowder Artillery in Siege Activities in the Middle Ages – An Example of the Kingdoms of Poland and Bohemia

Aleksander Bołdyrew

In Search of the Specificity of Transformation in the Crown Army during the Reign of the Last Jagiellonians. Introduction to Cossack Arms and Armour

Magdalena Bis

Some Remarks on Glass Seals from the Territory of Poland from the 17th-19th Centuries


Anna Maria Garstka, Artur Ginter

Antler Bolt Shaft Plane – a Rare Tool from the Stronghold in Muszyna

Andrzej Janowski

Archaeologist in the Archive. A Turning Point in the Study of Late-Medieval Helmets in Western Pomerania

Maciej Majewski

Between Technical-cultural Innovation by the Teutonic Order and Traditional Blacksmith Craftsmanship. On the Margin of the Discovery of the 13th-century Spur with Hinged Sides from Starogród, Chełmno District

Olgierd Ławrynowicz, Josef Hložek

Weaponry from the Vassal House in Křivoklát Castle from the early 15th century. Modernity or Anachronism?

Anna Rybarczyk

The Charm of Detail – Laces and Points in Medieval and Modern Garments. An Example of Archaeological Finds from Elbląg

Piotr Strzyż, Kalina Skóra

A New Find of a Falchion from Central Poland


Kalina Skóra

A Few Reflections on Suicide and Profane Death from not only an Archaeological Perspective on the Margins of Paweł Duma’s Book, ‘Profane Death in Burial Practices of a Pre-Industrial Society. A Study from Silesia

Jakub Wrzosek

(Review) Václav Matoušek, Pavel Hrnčiřik, Zdeněk Šámal, Rozvadov 1621. Vỳzkum bojiště třicetileté valky. České Budéjovice 2018, pp. 205