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Society and Subsistence in the Prehistory of Northeastern Africa Papers in honor Romulad Schild

Jacek Kabaciński,Małgorzata Winiarska-Kabacińska,Marek Chłodnicki
Society and Subsistence in the Prehistory of Northeastern AfricaSociety and Subsistence in the Prehistory of Northeastern Africa
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Table of Contents


  1. Tribute to Romuald Schild

Michał Kobusiewicz

Professor Romuald Schild ( 1936-2021 )

Christopher L. Hill

Roman Schild: As Good as it Gets

Jacek Kabaciński

lmprints of the Past, Presen't and Future:

Tribute to Romuald Schild

  1. The Nile Valley
  • • Agnieszka Mączyńska '

Onset of the Lower Egyptian Culture at Tell el-Farkha in the context

of the emergence of beer technology in the Nile Delta

  • • Taichi Kuronuma

Social stratification of Petrie's Naqada cemeteries revisited:

a reconsideration by analysing mortuary evidence

  • • Francis D. Lankester

Rock Art Origins of Elite lconography on the Gebelein Linen

and Hierakonpolis Tomb 100 Painting

  • • Robert Kuhn

The Stone Vessels from the 1st Dynasty Royal tomb

of King Dewen at Abydos

  • • Bastien Jakob, Matthieu Honegger

Site formation process and periodisation of a stratified sequencę

in arid context -Wadi El-Arab, Upper Nubia (8300-5400 cal BC)

  • • Hamad Mohamed Hamdeen, Zdeńka Suvova

Subsistence Strategies of Prehistoric Societies in the Central Sudan:

Animal Remains from the Sites SP 07 and SBK.W-60

at Jebel Sabaloka

  • • Elena A.A. Garcea, Giulia D'Ercole, Ladislav Varadzin,

Lenka Varadzinovd

Pottery and settlement dynamics in the late prehistory

of Jebel Sabaloka: Results of the 2019 season

Modather Abdalla Jadain Ahmed

Hajer EI Asal, a Neolithic Site in six Nile Cataract Region (Sudan)

Louis Chaix, Jacques Reinold

The Neolithic fauna at Kadruka (Northern state, Sudan),

5000-4000 BC

Jerome Dubosson, Matthieu Honegger

Funerals as Feasts. Past Nubian mortuary practices

in the light of the anthropology

Hamad Mohamed Hamdeen, Mona Abdeen,

Aii Vosman Mohamed Saljh

Tethering stones as palaeoeconomical indicator for societies

during the Late Prehistoric, New Kingdom and Kerma periods

in the 'Ihird Cataract region (Northern Sudan)

Sakura Sanada

Prehistoric Nubian ceramic tradition:

spreading trajectories into Egypt

III. Oases and the Desert

Jacek Kabaciński, Christopher L. Hill, Agnieszka Czekaj-Zastawny,

Karina Apolinarska, Jakub Mugaj, Michał Kabacińskj,

Paulina Maruszak, Hebat Allah lbrahim

Combined Prehistoric Expedition's Radiocarbon and Luminescence

Measurements Associated with Gebel Ramlah

in the Southern Western Desert of Egypt

Miroszaw Masojć, Ju Yong Kjm, Grzegorz Michalec, Ahmed Nassr.

Marcin Szmit, Youn Soo Lee, Hyeon-Seon ALhn, Maciej Ehlert,

Jin~Cheul Kim, Young Kwan Sohn

EDAR 6 - Acheulean site in the Eastern Desert, Sudan

Noriyuki Shirai

Blind men and an elephant in the Desert Fayum

in the twenty-first century

Rebecca Phiuipps, Joshua Emmitt and Simon J. Holdaway

Stone Artefact Analyses Using Solid Geometry Techniques:

.Htematives to Presence, Frequency and Style

  1. From Predynastic Period to Metal Age in NE Africa
  • • Julie Villaeys

Predynastic and Early Dynastic Ensigns: An Overview

of their lconographic Uses and Contexts of Use

Dorian Vanhulle

Considerations about the Territorial Making of Egypt and the Use

of Rock Art in the context of State Formation

Irina V. Kalinina

The Ornamental ``Rocker-Stamp" Motif -Technique And Semantic

Randi Haaland

Early Pottery and the role of beer as soft boiled food for infants:

Reflecting on ethnographic observations in Darfur

and archaeological interpretation

Maira Torcia

"Le Roi Massacreur": fights and conquests in search

of precious materials during the lst Dynasty

  • • Bashier Negood Hassan

Metallurgy in the ancient Sudan

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